Mossy roof got you stressed out? Mother nature (in the PNW) can wreak havoc on your home. We know cleaning your roof can be exhausting, expensive and oftentimes very dangerous. Let us make it so you never have to worry about your roof cleaning again! Click here for a free estimate 

5 easy steps to a clean roof:

   1.) We start by scrubbing about 75-95% of any moss off your roof.
          » We use a wire brush on an extension pole. (We do not pressure wash!)
   2.) We then blow the loose moss and debris off the roof.
          » This loosens up the smaller moss and debris.
   3.) We clean the gutters and downspouts.
          » We make sure they are free flowing and functional.
   4.) We use a zinc based moss treatment on the entire roof.
          » This kills the remaining 25-5% of the moss. 
   5.) Lastly, we clean up our mess!
          » We often leave your lawn cleaner then when we got there.

We have found this (5) step process is the most aggressive on the moss and least aggressive on your roof.

  • Local (Fife, WA)
  • Professionally Trained
  • 100% Tie-Off (Safety Gear)
  • Gentle on your roof
  • Bonded and Insured

When cleaning gutters, roofs, and even windows, safety is always a priority. We use leg levelers on our ladders to provide an extra level of security on uneven surfaces and stabilizer bars to prevent scratches and dents on your gutters. Our ladders will not rest on your gutters. We also provide our technicians with professional first-class training on state-of-the-art fall protection equipment. Click here for a free estimate cropped-site_icon3.png


Fife, WA

A Crossroads of Commerce and Community Nestled at the crossroads of major transportation routes in the heart of Puget Sound, Fife, Washington, is a dynamic city that seamlessly blends economic vitality with small-town charm. Known for its strategic location, diverse business landscape, and a strong sense of community, Fife offers residents and visitors a unique blend of opportunities and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.  Fife’s strategic location has made it a hub of economic activity. Situated along the Interstate 5 corridor, the city boasts easy access to major cities like Seattle and Tacoma, making it an ideal location for businesses to thrive. The Port of Tacoma, with its bustling maritime trade, adds to Fife’s economic significance and contributes to its role as a center of commerce.  Fife’s economic landscape is as diverse as it is vibrant. The city is home to a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, retail, and hospitality. Local businesses and national corporations coexist, creating a dynamic business ecosystem that contributes to the city’s growth and prosperity.  Amidst its bustling economic activity, Fife maintains a strong sense of community. Residents and local organizations actively engage in community events, volunteer initiatives, and neighborhood associations that foster a sense of togetherness. The annual Fife Harvest Festival and Fife Christmas Parade exemplify the city’s commitment to nurturing community bonds.  Fife’s commitment to improving the quality of life for its residents is evident in its parks, recreational facilities, and public services. The Dacca Community Park and Fife Swim Center provide spaces for leisure and physical activity, while the city’s dedication to safety and well-being ensures that residents can enjoy a secure and comfortable lifestyle.  Fife celebrates cultural diversity and artistic expression. Local galleries, theaters, and cultural events provide platforms for artists and performers to showcase their talents. The Fife Arts Commission and community art programs contribute to the city’s cultural vibrancy, adding color and creativity to its identity.  Fife places a strong emphasis on education, offering students access to quality learning environments. Local schools and educational programs provide students with opportunities for academic success and personal growth. Fife’s support for libraries and educational initiatives reflects its commitment to fostering a culture of learning.  Fife’s commitment to providing green spaces allows residents to enjoy outdoor activities and connect with nature. Parks like Dacca Park and Surprise Lake Loop Trail offer opportunities for picnics, sports, and leisurely walks, contributing to a healthy and active lifestyle.  While preserving its small-town ambiance, Fife offers modern amenities that cater to residents’ needs. Access to healthcare, shopping centers, and entertainment venues ensures that residents enjoy convenience and comfort within their community.  Fife’s central location provides residents with easy access to a multitude of experiences. From urban adventures in neighboring cities to exploring the natural beauty of Mount Rainier, Fife serves as a gateway to a wide range of recreational activities.  Fife, WA, stands as a testament to the synergy between commerce and community. Its strategic location, diverse business landscape, and strong community bonds create a dynamic and enriching environment for residents and visitors alike. Whether you’re immersing yourself in economic opportunities, connecting with neighbors, or enjoying outdoor pursuits, Fife invites you to be a part of its vibrant tapestry—a place where commerce and community harmoniously coexist, contributing to a thriving and fulfilling way of life.