Q: What do you use to remove the moss?

A: We use a wire brush on an extension pole to agitate moss off of your roof. We found this method is the most aggressive on the moss and least aggressive on your roof.
(We DO NOT pressure wash roofs.)

Wire brush

Q: What do you use for moss treatment and is it harmful to the environment?

A: We use a pearlized Zinc-Sulfate granule for our moss protection. The weighted granule distributes evenly across the whole roof- not leaving big nasty clumps of white powder.

We use just enough zinc to change the PH of the roof, this is what kills the moss. The amount of zinc we use does not have a measurable negative affect on the environment.

Zinc Sulfate

Q: Will your ladders scratch my gutters?

A: We use STABILIZER BARS to keep our ladders off of your gutter line. This stops the ladder from having any lateral movement. We also have LEG LEVELERS to allow us to gain access to areas of your property that are sloped or not level.


Q: Do you tie off and are you bonded and insured?

A: We use first class fall protection which includes a 5 POINT HARNESS, CLIMBING GRADE ROPES, SHOCK ABSORBING LANYARDS, and EXTENSIVE TRAINING. This also includes LADDER EXTENSIONS on all of our ladders to ensure a smooth transfer from ladder-to-roof and roof-to-ladder.

We are bonded and insured in Washington State to clean windows, gutters, roofs and to install holiday lights.

5-point harness- Fall Protection