Sick of Mother Nature dumping your neighbors leaves in your gutters? Let us scale the ladders and get dirty while you re-coop some of your time back. Click here for a free estimate 
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  • Professionally Trained
  • Quick Turn Around
  • 100% Tie-Off (Safety Gear)
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Our Ninja technicians will get  your gutters clean and clear of debris to avoid water damage to your home, landscape erosion, or just that annoying drip over the garage.

When cleaning gutters, safety is always a priority. We use leg levelers on our ladders to provide an extra level of security on uneven surfaces and stabilizer bars to prevent scratches and dents on your gutters. Our ladders will not rest on your gutters. We also provide our technicians with professional first-class training on state-of-the-art fall protection equipment.

Clean-up is included with all our services. Our Ninja technicians will often leave your property cleaner than they originally found it. Click here for a free estimate  cropped-site_icon3.png


Fife, WA

A Gateway to Community and Commerce Nestled in the heart of the Puget Sound region, Fife, Washington, is a city that seamlessly blends its rich history with modern opportunities. With its strategic location, strong sense of community, and commitment to growth, Fife has become a vibrant hub that attracts residents and visitors alike. Fife’s strategic location has long been a cornerstone of its identity. Situated at the crossroads of major transportation routes, including Interstate 5 and State Route 167, Fife serves as a vital link connecting various parts of the Pacific Northwest. Its proximity to Tacoma and Seattle makes it an ideal locale for businesses and individuals seeking accessibility and convenience. Fife’s robust economy is characterized by a diverse array of businesses and industries. From warehousing and manufacturing to retail and hospitality, the city’s commercial landscape thrives on a foundation of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit. The Fife Industrial Center, a prime industrial park, continues to attract businesses that value its strategic location and well-connected infrastructure. Fife’s history is deeply rooted in its origins as a farming community. The city’s name pays homage to the pioneers who cultivated the fertile soil and established a legacy of agricultural excellence. The Fife History Museum preserves this heritage, offering a glimpse into the lives of early settlers and the evolution of the city over time. At the heart of Fife lies a strong sense of community engagement. The Fife Farmers Market, a local institution, brings residents together to support local vendors and share in the bounty of fresh produce and artisanal goods. Community events and festivals, such as the Fife Harvest Festival, foster connections and create a lively atmosphere that embodies the spirit of togetherness. Fife places a high value on education and provides a range of opportunities for its residents. The Fife School District is dedicated to nurturing the potential of its students, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed for success. Additionally, Fife’s commitment to lifelong learning is evident in its support of community programs and initiatives. Fife’s commitment to quality of life is evident in its parks and recreational facilities. Dacca Park, with its playgrounds, sports fields, and walking trails, offers a space for families to gather and enjoy outdoor activities. The Fife Aquatic Center provides a haven for swimmers and fitness enthusiasts, promoting health and well-being within the community. Fife’s cultural scene is marked by a diverse array of experiences that enrich the lives of its residents. The Poodle Dog Restaurant, a local landmark, is not only a dining destination but also a place where the city’s history comes to life. Art installations, performances, and cultural celebrations contribute to Fife’s vibrant tapestry of creativity and self-expression. Fife, WA, is more than just a city; it’s a dynamic blend of commerce, community, and culture. With its strategic location, economic vitality, and strong community spirit, Fife serves as a gateway to opportunities and connections. Whether you’re exploring its historical roots, engaging in community events, or enjoying its recreational offerings, Fife invites you to experience a city that honors its past while embracing the future with open arms.